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Issue 8

Issue 8, Pages: 66-73
Expert system of smartphones search, created as a WEB application on the basis of the Node.js platform
V. Grabovskyi, P.-R. Masliy
We present an expert system that searches for smartphones with user-specified parameters. Our system is created in the form of a web application. To ensure a possibility of fast searching in web environment, a Node.js platform is used, which represents an open-source cross-platform system for executing different network applications. Moreover, it is based on an asynchronous code-launch model, which enables high query-processing performance. Notice that Node.js has been written in 2009 as a special server-side solution for JavaScript, revealing high efficiency in the field of web-searching. In particular, it has been aimed at receiving and responding to various HTTP requests. The platform is now rapidly developing. Among currently existing tools of this type, it has the largest number of custom packages available, as well as human supporters that employ it.
Our application is a rules-based expert system, also known as a production system, of which knowledge base contains domain knowledge coded in the form of rules. The project-interface code is located in a ’views’ directory. It is divided into logical and structural units. In particular, pages "Home" and "Admin" are located in separate files. A common part of the code that connects the styles of their designs is also organized as a separate file, which allows modifying the styles of both pages in a single file. The styles of the interface design, the device images and the code, which are necessary for correct operation of the program, are located in a ’public’ directory. The database-connection code and the database code, which in itself represents a file that stores information in the JSON format, are located in a directory ’db’. ’routes’ and ’expert’ directories contain a logical block that works with the data entered by a user, as well as a block that generates ranking of the devices presented in the database. The codes of the database and the search-engine blocks are separated, being located in ’public/js’ and ’routes’ directories, respectively. Finally, a ’public/js’ directory includes a code executed on a client side of the program in a web browser, whereas the code executed directly in the program is located in a ’routes’ directory.
The knowledge base and the search system created by us enable one to perform quick and expanded searching for smartphones with desired characteristics. Moreover, the software finds the websites with all the necessary information, including the websites of online stores where the smartphones can be purchased. Abilities for editing (modifying and adding) the knowledge base by users are also provided.
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