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Issue 8

Issue 8, Pages: 59-65
Development of software for representation and analysis of scientific research results
O. Babych, Ya. Boyko, I. Gabriel, D. Slotvinsky
The software in C ++ programming language for creation of user interface and presentation and analysis of scientific research results was developed. The work of the software for the computer simulation of the temperature dependences of the coefficient and thermoelectric power S(T) of high-temperature superconductors (HTSC) has been analyzed and tested. The results of calculations made it possible to estimate the degree of influence of doping HTSC not only on the parameters of the band spectrum, but also on the critical temperature (Tc) and to follow the relationship between them. The obtained dependences are in accordance with the Anderson model: with the increase in the content of oxygen and the reduction of the concentration of impurities, the degree of ordering in the system increases. As a result of the narrowing of the band and the decline of localized states at its edges, the value of the function of the density of states at the Fermi level acquires large values and improves the superconducting properties. The correlation between Tc and the width of the conducting band W was found. The comparison of the Tc(W) dependence for Tl- and Bi-HTSC with Hg-HTSC was performed.
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