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Issue 8

Issue 8, Pages: 135-142
Impact of the process of measuring the p-Si crystals resistance on its value during the elastic deformation
B. Pavlyk, R. Didyk, R. Lys, J. Shykoryak, D. Slobodzyan
The influence of the resistance measurement process of p-Si crystals on its absolute magnitude has been investigated under the influence of elastic deformation and magnetic field (B = 0.354 ).
It has been experimentally discovered that during measuring the resistance, its final value is not established immediately. It is established in 40-50 seconds once the sample is connected to an ohmmeter. It has been established the influence of the voltage applied to the sample on the results of the measurement of the R(σ) dependence. It has been shown that the external voltage, which coincided with the voltage polarity from the ohmmeter, causes an increase in the resistance of the crystals. The processing of the sample by an external electric field (1 V) causes an increase in the resistance change rate by almost an order of magnitude during the measurement R(σ).
A slow change in the resistance of the sample (within 5 %) in the magnetic field is observed. Resistance increases or decreases in turn. Changes in resistance over time (from growth to decrease) occur more often in an elastically deformed sample. The growth rates of resistance are greater compared to the rates of change in resistance of the sample, which was in a non-compressed state. Without the magnetic field, the nature of the dependence of the rate of change in the resistance of the sample from time t significantly differs from that described above.
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