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Issue 8

Issue 8, Pages: 111-117
Calculation of energy consumption model of smart house
L. Monastyrskii, Ya. Boyko, O. Petryshyn
The aim of this work was creating of heat regime management of smart house; witch satisfies conditions of comfort and economy. The investigation was dedicated calculation of minimization condition of payment of consumed energy heating of smart house. Saving is possible at the expense of different power supply tariffs. Cheaper payment was implemented by optimization time diagram of discrete inclusion of heater in different cost electroenergy tariff. If was installed values of minimum Emin and maximum Emax energy possible for house in condition of permanent inclusion of heater. Time step of introduced energy was equal to one hour.
The model of smart house represents system of linear algebraic educations, solution of such give set possible chart options of discrete inclusions of heater. From a set of option was selected the case that answers minimum of payment of heating. It was created the calculation program by Python with using library Pulp. The code of program is given in the appendix.
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