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Issue 8

Issue 8, Pages: 102-110
Data asquisition system based on Raspberry Pi microcomputer
V. Goshovsky, V. Dzikovskyi, R. Mysiuk, V. Rabyk, I. Sasovets
Hardware and software implementation of a system for data acquisition from measurement instruments based on the Raspberry Pi microcomputer is described. This system gathers the data and sends them to the remote server for further loading into the database. The functional diagram for connecting the RE-205 and PBI-8 devices to the RS-485 interface is given. The mentioned devices are the temperature controller and the 8 channel temperature display, respectively. Another schematic diagram shows the implementation of RS-232 to RS-485 converter used for connection of RS-485 interface to the Raspberry Pi microcomputer. The ModBus-485 application for the Raspberry Pi (Raspbian) is written in C language. This app allows one to form queries to the network - connected RE-205 and PBI-8 devices, get data from them and store the measurement results in the SD card of the microcomputer as well as to check the reliability of those data. The functional diagram for gathering and transfer of the data is also given.
The data transfer between the microcomputer and the server is possible via the Ethernet network, by a GSM module or via the Internet connection. The results of measurements can be stored at the computer as well as in the DropBox storage. The user can control the instruments using the Web interface, or an Android application, or by the Interface Control software for MS Windows. The dedicated web interface allows the user to remotely control the data acquisition process and view the data.
The Interface Control application (Android) for the smartphones makes it possible to set the connection with the DropBox, get and process the data from measurement devices. Also this application contains the interface to the My SQL database, allowing one to create the settings files for the devices, get the data files and visualize them.
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