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Issue 61

Issue 61, Pages: 3-13
Method of the electronic schemes diacoptical modeling computational cost comparison with various model partitioning topologies
I. Khwyshchun, B. Kvyatkovskyy
Efficiency of the electronic schemes diakoptical modeling depends on the chosen partitioning topology. The present article views the method of decoupled implicit Euler (DIE) numerical integration computational cost comparison with different scheme model partitioning typologies. It outlines the procedure of the computational cost modeling quantitative identification. The empirical method of the unknown variable connection influence evaluation and the DIE numerical stability is presented. The paper suggests some switching strategies of the partitioning topologies. The linear sequence among the possible partitioning topologies is predetermined
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Issue 61, Pages: 14-18
Self-oscillations in digital filters, caused by quantization on level
L. Sinitsky, Y. Shmygelsky
The harmonic balance method is employed for the determination of self-oscillation region in digital filters due to quantization effect. Using the second-order filters as an example it is shown that this method can be successfully applied in order to reveal large period self-oscillations. Maximum magnitude of the symmetric self-oscillations has been estimated for the case in which quantization effect is caused by truncation procedure
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Issue 61, Pages: 19-25
The kinetic co-energy of electromagnetic field
V. Tchaban
In the paper is shown that in non-linear anisotropy medium the kinetic energy and co-energy of electromagnetic field, which satisfies to physical principle of least action in variation integral Hamilton-Ostrogradsky’s principle, secures equal force characteristics of the last
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Issue 61, Pages: 26-31
State of theory and technique of nanomagnetism
R. Pelenskyj
In this paper we analyze a modern state and development of the theory intended for mathematical modelling of processes in nanomagnetic elements of technical devices and in biological nanoelements. Modern techniques and technical possibilities for production of nanomagnetic elements and devices are considered
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Issue 61, Pages: 32-37
Determination the parameter of eddy-current transformer which interacting with ferromagnetic material
V. Martinov, D. Trushakov
The work contains the results of theoretical research of interaction between a laying-in U-type core eddy-current transformer (ECT) and tested ferromagnetic material. There has been developed a mathematical simplified model and received equations for engineering calculation of introduced real resistance and reactance which can used for development eddy-current defectoscopes
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Issue 61, Pages: 38-48
Studies of dynamic properties of the carbon nanotubes using molecular dynamics
We have developed a new approach for phonon properties calculation in carbon nanotubes simulated by means of molecular dynamics, which uses stream-stream autocorrelation functions. It was applied to dispersion curves calculation and classification for the (5; 5) nanotube. The main phonon properties were obtained and compared with analogous results from the literature
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Issue 61, Pages: 49-59
Numeric modeling of Grover’s algorithm for quantum data search
B. Pavlyshenko
A numeric model of the Grover’s algorithm considered in the present work enables one to analyze the changes in the amplitudes of quantum states for realization of quantum search in the cases of uniform or arbitrary distributions of those amplitudes. A choice of optimal number of the Grover’s iterations needed for amplification of the quantum states under search is analyzed
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Issue 61, Pages: 60-68
Application of the model of discrete distribution of relaxation times for characterization of the dielectric dispersion in high-resistivity GaSe crystals
O. Fl’unt
Low-frequency dielectric spectra of ωn-1 type, where ω - angular frequency, n ≈ 0,8, in high-resistivity GaSe layered crystals have been analyzed using proposed model of discrete distribution of effective dipoles by relaxation times. It’s shown that this system couldn’t be characterized by the unique concentration of effective dipoles, but, the concentrations, calculated within the really possible frequency region at arbitrary set frequencies shouldn’t be deviated one from other more than two orders by magnitude. Modifications of the spectra of relaxation times distribution of effective dipoles concentration with temperature allows to explain the experimentally observed temperature dependence of the dielectric constant and exponent n in high-resistivity GaSe crystals in the region dominating by the hopping charge carrier’s spectra and estimate the orders of the temperature dependent parameters
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Issue 61, Pages: 69-75
Time domain transition dielectric response of high-resistivity GaSe layered crystals
O. Fl’unt
Dielectric response in time domain of high-resistivity GaSe layered crystals characterized by low-frequency dielectric spectra peculiar for hopping conduction systems of ωn-1 type, where ω is angular frequency, n ≈ 0,8, have been calculated using Fourier transformation. The calculation has been conducted on the basis of experimentally measured low-frequency dielectric spectra applying earlier proposed method using approximation of experimental data by cubic-splines with following analytical calculation of integrals. Temporal range of reliability of the transition characteristic with certain accuracy has been appreciated
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Issue 61, Pages: 76-81
Determination of J-integral with the method of digital speckle-correlation for the composite materials
T.I. Polovynko, L.I. Muravsky
Surface deformations in the region of a strain concentrator are studied with the speckle-correlation technique under the action of static loading. The displacement and strain fields in are revealed in the region of the strain concentrator and graphical dependences of J-integral on the crack length are ascertained
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Issue 61, Pages: 82-89
Scripting programming under LINUX for the observational results database making in AO LNU
A. Bilinsky
The problem of the efficient data ordering by the example of the positional observations results of Earth artificial satellites processing in Astronomical observatory of LNU was considered. MySQL was selected as a database from previous experience in the laser ranging results processing. But now, the corresponding dataflow was generated using scripting programming only. The used software - shell, Perl, MySQL, are free and in quick progress. The developed suite of scripts gave us possibility to perform routine procedures automatically. In turn, it allows to transfer the data of observational results more efficiently, which makes the data more important for scientific and applied research. Also, the nonhost database with Internet access was made
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Issue 61, Pages: 90-98
Automated monitoring systems of environment parameter
O. Dzendzelyuk, I. Musiichuk, V. Rabyk
Hardware and software support of an automated system for monitoring the environment parameters is described. The main technical characteristics of the system are given and the parameters which can be measured, transferred and processed using this system are described. The modes of the automated system, its functional scheme and the purpose of its components are considered in detail. The algorithm of transferring the measured data through a wireless communication line and the format of sending are described. The description is given of the graphic interface "Weather Station" developed by us for administering the system with the aid of a PC
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Issue 61, Pages: 99-108
Structure and technology of geographic information system for ecological monitoring creation
L. Muravsky, V. Koshovy, L. Melnychok, O. Alokhina, I. Kursish
We suggest the structure of Geographic Information System aimed at solving ecological monitoring tasks within the Shatsk National Natural Park. The sources for receiving the data describing the state of the Park’s ecosystems have been analyzed. Information technologies for forming the databases and filling them with information about the ecological state of the objects under monitoring are developed. The modes of data representation within the Geographic Information System are presented together with some examples of their use for solving different practical tasks
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Issue 61, Pages: 109-112
Nonlinear filtration and clasterization of bitmappedimages of electron microscopy
B. Pavlyshenko, R. Shuvar
Algorithms of nonlinear filtration and clusterization on bitmapped images of electron microscopy have been proposed
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Issue 61, Pages: 113-119
Investigation of recognition of hand-written symbols, using neural networks and genetic algorithms
A. Ya. Farenyuk, Z.M. Lubun, O. Ya. Farenyuk
Automated recognition of hand-written symbols is one of most difficult computing tasks. Although being very important, it is far from being solved. There are no known algorithms for it, and no one can be sure, that they exist at all. So the most practical way is to use some Artificial Intelligence systems and utilize their inherent adaptability. In this paper both fully connected and not fully connected multilayered neural networks (multilayered perceptrons) were used. Optimal network modes were selected by using Genetic Algorithms. Symbols for recognition was numbers from "0" to "9" and symbols "+","-", ",", written by many different peoples
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Issue 61, Pages: 120-127
Improved measurement of refractive index by means of interferometric-rotational technique
N. Andrushchak, I. Karbovnyk, Ya. Bobitski, A. Andrushchak
We present and discuss a modernized technique and the corresponding setup built in order to precisely determine refractive indices of materials for optoelectronics. High-precision sample positioning and accurate automated detection of interference fringe shifts are analyzed in detail. A technique that allows eliminating systematic errors caused by non-parallel sample faces is suggested. Test experimental results are reported
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Issue 61, Pages: 128-134
Apparatus for measurement absorption of the thin-film coatings by the photothermal method
G. Petrovska, I. Demkovych
The results of development of contactless nondestructive technique for measuring low absorption in thin-film coatings are presented. The absorbed laser power is determined by characteristics of a thermal lens appearing in the air near the surface of a sample under test in case if the latter is irradiated by a powerful laser beam with a known spatial-temporal emission distribution. The phase changes imposed by the thermal lens are detected by a two-channel scanning Fabry-Perot interferometer. The experimental researches show that, if an argon laser with the power of 5 W is used for the irradiation, the sensitivity of the measurements of absorption of thin-film coatings is 0.005%, with the relative error not larger than 10%.
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Issue 61, Pages: 135-146
Radiated recombination processes in the PbWO4 and PbWO4:Tb3+ crystals at low temperatures
S. Novosad, L. styk, I. Novosad, I. Solskii
The investigated results of the spectral characteristics of X-ray luminescence and photoluminescence, thermo- and photostimulated luminescence, the effect of the long-wave radiation on the thermostimulated luminescence glow curves of pure and low-doped by terbium impurity of lead tungstate crystals in the 90-295 temperature range have been analyzed. From the viewed literature data and obtained results it was followed, that the trapping centres in the researched crystals mainly are caused by matrix defects. The F--centres are probably formed in PbWO4 and PbWO4:Tb3+ crystals, besides F+- and F-centres, at filling oxygen vacancies near Pb3+ ions to three electrons under X-ray irradiation at 90 . The nature of photosensitive peak of thermostimulated luminescence at 108 K is connected with the [Pb3++(WO3+F-)] complex centers. It is suggested, that the photostimulated luminescence in PbWO4:Tb3+ arises in the electronic stage of recombination process as results of photodelocalization of electrons mainly from F--centers on the initial stage, which are the members of these associated pairs, and from F-centers on the second one. The optical and thermal destruction of [Pb3++(WO3+F-)] centers leads to appearance of radiated annihilation of excitons, localized on the [Pb2++(WO3+F)] complexes.
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Issue 61, Pages: 147-154
Research of lead and iron admixtures influence on the parameters of Hg-based HTSC of sol-gel method synthesis
R. Hrytskiv, Yu. Kulyk, M. Matvijiv, B. Sadovyi, M. Vasyuk, A. Vas’kiv
Synthesis of HgBa2Ca2Cu3O8+δ ceramic from the view of point to better chemical homogeneity and higher reactivity of the precursor powder was provided lead and iron doped HgBa2Ca2Cu3O8+δ were prepared employing Hg-free precursor HgBa2Ca2Cu3O8+δ obtained by the sol-gel method. Precursor and superconductor were examined using electron microscopy method. The thermal annealing on electric properties of ceramics were studied, microstructure analysis received ceramics were studied. By the temperature dependence electric resistivity of ceramics the form and critical temperatures were presented. The Fe doped samples of HgBa2Ca2Cu3O8+δ shows Tc decreasing but leads to power pinning enhancing
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Issue 61, Pages: 155-163
The behaviour of electron subsystem of K2ZnCl4 crystals under the uniaxial pressure acting
Z. hut, V. Gaba, V. Stadnyk, R. Brezvin, I. Matviishyn, O. Popel
The uniaxial pressures acting along the general crystallophysics directions upon the temperature dependences of the refractive indices ni and electron polarizability of K2ZnCl4 crystals were studied. It was established that ni are quite sensitive to uniaxial mechanical stressing. The contribution of electron polarizability to the refractive indices changes of mechanically free and uniaxial pressures deformed K2ZnCl4 crystals were calculated. The significant baric shifts of the paraphase-incommensurate-commensurate phase transition points were observed. It facts are due the uniaxial pressure acting on the crystal structure
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Issue 61, Pages: 164-170
Microscopic study of the defect structure of surface layer p-Si crystals
B. Pavlyk, R. Didyk, J. Shykoryak, A. Shtabaluk, M. Kushlyk
Using the techniques of optical, electron and atomic force microscopies, we have studied rebuilding processes inside the structural defects present in the surface layer of p-Si crystals. Formation of properly oriented crystallites on the (111) surface of silicon crystals is revealed. A mechanism for the formation of those crystalline inclusions is suggested, which is based on the processes of interaction of the point defects, impurity centres and dislocations. Their further clustering is accompanied by a growth of crystallites of nano-and micro-sizes
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Issue 61, Pages: 171-179
The features of electroconductivity of irradiated and elastic deformed p-Si crystals
B. Pavlyk, R. Didyk, J. Shykoryak, M. Kushlyk, I. Tchegil
In this work the mechanical stimulated electrophisical processes were investigated in p-Si crystals, which were effected by X-rays. It is shown, that in processes of uniaxial elastic deformation in p-Si crystals the curvature of existing dislocations happens. The Cottrell clouds, which change value of mechanical stimulated electroconductivity of samples, are localized on the nuclei of these dislocations. The nonmonotonic character of mechanical stimulated conductivity change is a confirmation of localization of charged defects and impurities in the Cottrell clouds. Based on the experimental data it is shown, that low dose (D ≤ 260 Gy) X-rays leads to increasing of the value of mechanical rigidity of investigated crystals. This effect is explained with processes of radiation-stimulated ordering of the defect structure of the crystal, and also the fact that interstitial atoms of Si, which are formed under the action of irradiation, are effective stoppers for dislocation movement
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Issue 61, Pages: 180-187
Antireflection boundary of the transparet dielectric-air by grating
V. Fitio, . Yaremchuk
Antireflection boundaries of the transparent dielectric - air by dielectric gratings with rectangular or special profiles, which are formed on the surface of the transparent dielectric, are analyzed. It is shown that this method can provide full antireflection separately for each polarization. Approach analytical expressions for determining the grating parameters with a rectangular profile are obtained. The optimal profiles of the grating grooves, which provide minimal reflection of TE and TM - polarizations are calculated. Reflectance decreases in the broad band of wavelengths when thickness of the relief grating increases
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Issue 61, Pages: 188-194
Optical birefringence in Tutton’s salts crystals
I. Polovynko, S. Rykhlyuk, S. Sveleba
Phase transitions at temperatures about 200 K and 300 K in the Tutton salt K2Zn(SO4)26H2O crystals and at 280 K for K2(SO4)26H2O crystals were found out from the temperature changes of optical birefringence. Dependence of dielectric permittivity δ(Δε) on optical frequencies from the optical birefringence δ(Δn) was calculated with usage of the Gibbs thermodynamic function
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Issue 61, Pages: 195-204
Use of free software in order to create training shell programming language for learning
G. Zlobin, V. Skljar, A. Chmyhalo, V. Shevchyk
We describe the experience of developing and using of an educational shell aimed at studies for the programming languages, which is based on the freeware
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