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Issue 60

Issue 60, Pages: 163-167
Investigation of optical absorption spectra of K2MgxNi1-x(SO4)26H2O crystal
I. Polovynko, S. Rykhlyuk, V. Koman
The original growth method of the Tutton salts mixed crystals is offered. Optical absorption spectra of K2MgxNi1-x(SO4)26H2O (x = 0; 0,2; 0,4) crystals were investigated in this work. of the crystal field strength Dq and Rakah parameter B. Possibility of the usage of such crystals with nickel ions as effective optical filters in UV range in optoelectronic devices is shown. Transmittance for UV range λ = 220-270 nm in investigated crystals is increasing while concentration of magnesium is increasing.
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