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Issue 60

Issue 60, Pages: 111-117
WS3600 weatherstation application on satellite laser ranging station "Lviv-1831"
A. Bilinsky, K. Martynjuk-Lototsky, N. Virun, S. Apunevych, Ya. Blagodyr, E. Vovchyk
Laser ranging of Earth satellites represents measuring a time taken by optical pulse for its flight towards a given satellite and back. When the optical pulse passes through the Earth’s atmosphere, it suffers significant influence due to, e.g., a difference of the pulse velocity from that for the free space, and a curved pathway. To keep the observational results at a 10 mm-accuracy level and a long-term stability, it is necessary to take into account the instantaneous state of the atmosphere. This problem is solved by the technique involving simulations of weather parameters along the optical pulse trajectory, using ground-based data measured on the station. Therefore the accuracy and efficiency of work of the weather station are among key pre-conditions of high-quality scientific data. In this paper we consider the weather station as a component of satellite laser ranging station, as well as influence of the former on the accuracy of observational results. We present implementation of connection of the weather station WS3600 to a personal computer with the operating system Linux in the form of complex of programs and scripts with discriminated data server.
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