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Issue 60

Issue 60, Pages: 104-110
Processing of observation data for artificial Earth satellites at the satellite laser ranging station "Lviv-1831"
S.V. Apunevych, A.I. Bilinsky, S.Ye. Apunevych, Ya.T. Blagodyr
Satellite Laser Ranging (SLR) appears to be one of the most important techniques for geodesic and geophysical explorations. An observation in frame of the SLR represents measurements of the time intervals needed for ultra-short laser pulse to pass from Earth-based station to the satellite and back, which is the essence of solving any ranging problem. The SLR-station of Astronomical Observatory (Ivan Franko National University of Lviv) is included to the International Laser Ranging Service under the code ID "LVIL-1831". For the initial data processing, a standard Herstmonceux algorithm is used. It defines the order for calculating so-called normal points from the observations and theoretical predictions for satellite orbits, to be directed to the international data centers. Till recently, the SLR-station "LVIV-1831" has used the software supplied by producer of the hardware, with the closed code. The changes in the input and output data formats, as well as upgrades of the receiving equipment have raised a necessity for development of original software bundle, to include the real-time guiding system, the detection system, and the data processing one. For the data processing the authors have developed a computer program under the codename NoPo. It uses novel methods for interpolation and fitting, time-series analysis and statistical filtering. The software is a shareware implemented in the programming language C for Gnu/Linux platform.
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