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Issue 6

Issue 6, Pages: 3-24
Alternative sintering methods of structures, obtained by inkjet printing of colloidal nanoparticle solutions
O. Kravchuk, R. Lesyuk, Y. Bobitski
The development of electronics during the past two decades shows the steady growth of the technologies market, miniaturization and integration of components and units. Resource-saving production, efficiency and low price of the devices become more and more important. There is also a new conception of "flexible" devices - in particular, displays, photovoltaic cells, batteries, sensors etc. Today, inkjet printing as a science-based technology has taken a broad niche among additive materials deposition methods. It makes it possible to provide formation of conductive coatings, transparent electrodes, light-emitting diodes, thin film transistors, resistors, capacitors, solar cells, electrodes of energy storage devices, sensors, and many other functional units with minimum waste and relatively low processing temperatures. Inkjet printing is a non-contact technology that allows roll-to-roll production. This article analyzes the scientific literature on the use of alternative to thermal sintering methods of metal nanoparticles deposited using inkjet printing for application in electronics.
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Issue 6, Pages: 25-31
Temperature dependence of thermoelectric coefficient and band spectrum high-temperature superconductors of bismuth system
O. Babych, Ya. Boyko, I. Gabriel
Conducted the analysis of the temperature dependence of thermoelectric coefficient S(T) at T > T in a phenomenological model of a narrow conduction band for high temperature superconductors Bi2Sr2Ca1-xYxCu2O8 in the case of substitution Y → Ca. The structure of the density of states in region of EF is depicted in the form of an asymmetric Lorentzian. On the basis of harmonization the calculated dependencies S(T) with the experimental data identified value options of band spectrum. The nature of their transformation similar to the previously installed for System Tl2Ba2Ca1-xYxCu2-yCoyOz. We found a correlation between effective width of band W and superconducting transition temperature T (moreover for both systems point T(W) approximated one quasi linear dependence).
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Issue 6, Pages: 32-38
Specifics band structure of InxTl1-xI substitutional solid solutions
A. Kashuba, O. Bovgyra, O. Futey, A. Franiv
The dynamics of the parameters of the electron subsystem in substitutional solid solutions InxTl1-xI has been studied theoretically making use of the pseudopotential method. As it is revealed the band gap width with x-composition changes nonlineary and can be described by the quadratic dependence. Correlations between the band dispersion, valence electron mobility, and charge density distribution are outlined. The origin of the different bands is defined and the total density of states is calculated. The theoretical results are in a good agreement with experimental data
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Issue 6, Pages: 39-44
Impact of elastic strain on the conductivity of p-Si samples with different concentrations of dislocations
B. Pavlyk, R. Didyk, R. Lys, J. Shykoryak
The effect of dislocations on conductivity dependence of p-Si crystals was investigated in the process of elastic uniaxial deformation. Defects that act as traps for the major current carriers occur in the crystal lattice during the elastic deformation of "dislocation-free" samples. The presence of dislocations significantly changes the crystal’s conductivity dependence on the size of mechanical load. It was established that during the stoppage of compression process there is a rapid change in the value of resistance and mechanical load of the sample. Similar dependence is not observed under the process stoppage in case of unclamping.
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Issue 6, Pages: 45-53
Luminescence of autolokalized exitons in cristals BaCl2
Z. Chorniy, N. Diyachuk, I. Pirko, V. Salapak
Polarized luminescence of autoloalized excitons in BaCl2 (band at λ= 297 nm) is discussed. It is established that due to low BaCl2 lattice symmetry the projections of electric dipole onto a, b, c crystallographic axes are different, therefore causing the polarized emission. The luminescence polarization degree is determined experimentally and theoretically, the respective values are η=0,25 and ηb=0,36, η=0,11. It is determined that only one configuration of autolocalized exciton out of three theoretically possible can be realized.
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Issue 6, Pages: 54-71
Materials for the manufacture of body armor: current situation and prospects
Yu. Korchak, L. Korchak
The paper presents review of materials for the manufacture of body armor as a means of individual protection. The comparative analysis showed that today the best properties with respect to toughness owns textile armor such as Kevlar. In the future it may be ahead of the materials based on such nanomaterials as graphene, carbon nanotubes, nanocellulose that of shock resistance and weight significantly exceed and Kevlar, and hypoeutectoid steel. However, in this case special requirements for substrates that have to effectively extinguish impact energy, preventing the appearance rear injury. The authors also discussed research on the subject of the toughness of such exotic materials as spider web and design of the coatings in the form of scales.
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Issue 6, Pages: 72-76
Assessment of surfase characteristic of solids using simulation modeling
B. Koman
An algorithmic approach to evaluation of surface characteristics of solids within the equation of state. The basis of the approach proposed macroscopic value assigned non-equilibrium ther-modynamics and physics of solid surface that is expressed in the system of equations simulation modeling to determine the fi-ernments ς, k, β, Cφ, Φ0 and h geometric characteristics of the surface layer. The corresponding algorithm for this problem tested such as silicon (Si), lead (Pb), quartz (SiO2)), hafnium (Hf) and graphene (Sg).
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Issue 6, Pages: 77-82
Power method in the adaptive solver for stiff systems
Ya. Kost
A bug fixed in the power method’s program code (PMC) of evaluation of the largest in magnitude eigenvalue, that works with complex eigenvalues. Shown by the examples that PMC is effective for all matrices with arbitrary set of eigenvalues of the complex plain. The effectiveness of PMC in the integration process tested in the Van-der-Paul model. Speed and accuracy ratio of PMC comparing to the QR method code discussed. Shown that PMC is well suited for the use in adaptive solvers for stiff systems. This allows optimizing computing resources in the problems of mathematical modeling.
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Issue 6, Pages: 83-88
Estimation of accuracy limits of numerical integral Fourier calculation of power spectra using cubic spline interpolation
O. Fl’unt
The method of estimation of accuracy limits of numerically calculated integral Fourier transform of fractional power spectra using cubic splines interpolation has been proposed. It is shown that the possible error caused by possible interpolation cubic spline errors is in general much lower than error due to frequency range limits of integration. However, after correction of Fourier integrals contributions outside the frequency range within which the value of the spectrum is known, information about the accuracy limits allows to establish the precision of parameters of derived time-domain responses and reliability of their features.
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Issue 6, Pages: 89-97
Peculiarities modeling of geodynamic situations of the Earth structures
V. Fourman
Perspectives of the creating of the new physical models concerning the structure of the Earth, their evolution and methodology of the structure classification and parameter measuring of the Earth’s physical fields are analyzed. It is pointed out that investigation of the deep structure, composition and geodynamics of the continental and oceanic lithosphere gives the possibility to distinguished the system connected with global processes of Earth’s development (rifts, uncompensated deeps, continents, oceans). The most informative is the using global model for planet as whole and platformal one for the continents and transition zone.
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Issue 6, Pages: 98-110
Simulation of self-learning clustering methods for selecting and grouping similar patches, using two-dimensional nonlinear space-invariant models and functions of normalized "equivalence"
V. Krasilenko, D. Nikitovich
The results of modeling combined with self-training clustering method of image fragments. For isolation, selection and use of cluster grouping of fragments of structural and topological features and two-dimensional spatial equivalence nonlinear functions. The simulation results showed that the method has good convergence. The method is fast, as the number of iterative steps self-training clustering was equal to between 5 and 17 for the experiments. The method is easily displayed on the matrix-matrix procedures.
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Issue 6, Pages: 111-127
Simulation and research of cryptographic transformations images based on of matrix bitplane decomposition and matrix models of permutation with verification integrity
V. Krasilenko, D. Nikitovich
The results of the simulation of cryptographic transformations of images on the basis of their decomposition into bit slices and use of modified permutation matrix models for mixing elements of arrays and enable verification of the integrity of the established cryptogram. The direct and inverse cryptographic transformations are reduced to the matrix-matrix procedure. As matrix keys used two of permutation matrix or their degree. It is shown how to use decomposition and concatenation of images allows you to perform not only the transformation, but also to control the integrity of cryptograms. Experiments in Mathcad with multilevel images (128 x 128 x 512 is the 512 elements) with a view to encrypt and decrypt using the proposed models have confirmed the relevance and benefits of the latter.
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Issue 6, Pages: 128-136
Influence of geometry the optical chart of laser meter on exactness of particles sizes measuring
V. Getman, O. Bilyy, O. Bordun, Y. Ferensovych
Influence of heterogeneity of illumination the zone of registration on exactness of measuring of particles sizes by the optical meter of particles it is considered. It is shown that on condition of motion the particles athwart to direction of distribution the laser ray it is impossible to conduct the correction of measuring results on a form the registered signal. Possibility of reduction the error of determining size of particles on condition of motion of particles in parallel to direction of distribution of laser ray is showing. The algorithm the correction of results measuring on a form a signal is set formulated. The result of application of the worked out method is shown at measuring of sizes of particles in the suspension of monodisperse latex.
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Issue 6, Pages: 137-142
Influence of slope surface on takeoff and landing in unmanned quadrocopter flight
B. Blahitko, Yu. Mochulsky
The necessity of analyzing and modeling process of the takeoff unmanned quadrocopter from the inclined plane and landing it on an inclined plane is described. Through mathematical modeling the basic features of influence of slope the start and landing unmanned quadrocopter on the process output to the desired waypoint are considered. The methods of the takeoff and the landing unmanned quadrocopter which is on an inclined plane are proposed.
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Issue 6, Pages: 143-149
Modeling the influence of radiation on the characteristics of temperature sensors
B. Pavlyk, A. Hrypa, O. Kravets, Ya. Shmygelsky
The influence of X-ray irradiation on electrophysical parameters of thermal sensors based on KT3117 transistor p-n-junction has been investigated. The analysis of characteristics of semiconductor sensors at the different temperatures, and also it’s changes with the influence of X-rays irradiation allow us to confirm that in the beginning of the irradiation predominate the processes of the radiation-stimulated regulation - sensor’s parameters improvement. In addition, the radiation-simulated diffusion coefficient of charge carrier (hole)has been calculated.The result was used to create a mathematical influence model of X-ray irradiation on silicon semiconductor sensors.
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Issue 6, Pages: 150-154
Application of information technology for analysis of AFM research results
I. Olenych, V. Matviishyn
In this work we have implemented method for determining the porosity in the surface area by analyzing AFM images of porous materials surface. To analyze of raster images we are used the built-in Microsoft .NET Framework Bitmap class and method GetPixel. Based on graphic information in bitmap format the structural properties of porous materials were studied. The deviation reasons of the calculations results from actual values of porosity were found and ways to improve the accuracy of calculations were suggested.
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Issue 6, Pages: 155-164
On the statistics of inter-word distances and the problem of recognition of content words
O. Kushnir, A. Volosko, L. Ivanitskyi, S. Rykhlyuk
In this work we have studied the statistics of distances between the nearest word tokens of the same word types in a Ukrainian text. Three limiting cases have been distinguished - a stochastic regime, a uniform distribution of the distances, and a case of word clustering - which correspond to a lack of lexical interactions, a syntactic ’repulsion’ of words, and their ’attraction’. A null statistical hypothesis has been considered, which corresponds to the exponential probability distribution of those distances, and deviations from that hypothesis observed empirically have been analyzed. It has been proved that the three limiting cases mentioned above can be described by the ’asymmetry parameter’ R - the ratio of the standard deviation of the distances to their average value - which is roughly equal to one, less than one or greater than one, respectively. We have shown that large R values point to keywords in the text. The advantages and drawbacks of this method for recognizing content words have been analyzed for the Ukrainian texts.
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Issue 6, Pages: 165-171
Take advantage of a hybrid workshop during practical lessons on majors automation and electrical disciplines
D. Trushakov, S. Rendzinyak
The work describes the use of hybrid research workshop in conducting workshops for major automation and electrical disciplines. The proposed hybrid technique workshop when the students practical work is illustrated by the example of determining the reliability of a personal computing system. Practical work is divided into two stages. Stage 1 - the study of the theoretical part of the material to the performance calculations of the probability of failure-free operation of a personal computing system. Stage 2 - Perform interactive processing of theoretical material to the construction schedules of probabilities uptime and evaluation of the final result. To perform the calculations Personal Computer is presented in terms of its separate modules.
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