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Issue 59

Issue 59, Pages: 3-9
The symbol analysis of the linear parametric circuits: state of the question, essence and direction of the application
Y. Shapovalov, B. Mandziy
In the paper the problem of symbol frequency analysis of linear parametric circuits is considered. The method based on Zadeh equations is evaluated and possible approaches for its usage are proposed
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Issue 59, Pages: 10-18
Diagnostics of electronics circuits with cascade structure
B. Blagitko, V. Rabyk
It was proposed the methodology and algorithm of diagnostics of electronic cascade-structure circuits in frequency domain by the methods of parametric identification. Testability of each of the circuit’s cascades is tested before diagnostics. Postulated algorithm allows to determine precisely the parameters of elements via the measured node potentials by the connection at each stage of diagnostics of test sources and elements to the input and output of the circuit’s cascades. This approach is illustrated by the example of diagnostics of the three-cascade rejector filter
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Issue 59, Pages: 19-22
Sliding mode for DC/DC converters
I. Romaniv, L. Sinitsky, M. Zhovtanets’ky
The mathematical model of DC/DC converter is constructed. This model has been studied for sliding mode. The influence of the system parameters on the sliding mode is estimated
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Issue 59, Pages: 23-32
Application of dynamic macromodels of subcircuits in multirate method
S. Rendzinyak
New approaches to use dynamic macromodels of subcircuits are investigated in comparison with traditional matching using ideal power sources in multirate method as RC-branches and a whole number of testing nonlinear tasks. It is shown, that usage of additional reactive elements helps essentially to solve a restriction problem of subcircuit integration step by explicit-implicit difference computing scheme. Simulation of transient processes is implemented using developing software, where parallel algorithms of transient simulation of rigidly coupled subcircuits with diakoptic approach
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Issue 59, Pages: 33-38
Transformation of frequency in steady-state analysis
V. Tchaban
In the paper is shown that by solution of two point boundary problem for ordinary non-linear differential equations of electric system state in the cases when part of variables has indefinite period, may be used the method of reduction theirs to part of variables with known period. The monodromy matrix is determined from variation equations of supplementary sensitivity model to initial conditions. The proposed method is designed for analysis of steady-state processes of complicated electric systems. The results of computation are given
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Issue 59, Pages: 39-47
Fractal’s dimensions signals with noise
Y. Mochulsky
Results of experiment measurement fractal’s dimensions different forms digital signals with noise is view. If signal/noise ratio is enough small, the curves for measurement fractal’s dimensions independent from signal’s form and magnitude, but depended from noise power. The example of measurement noise power from curve for measurement fractal’s dimensions is write
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Issue 59, Pages: 48-51
Cryptosystem of connection on the scheme Chua
I. Buliuk, Y. Matvijchuk
The sample of a communications system with disguise of an information signal by a pseudo-random signal of the scheme Chua is circumscribed. It is offered synchronization of the schemes Chua in the repeater and in the receiver
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Issue 59, Pages: 52-59
Mathematical model of knot of loading, that consists of simple blocks
A. Tchaban
The mathematical model of knot of loading the elements of which there are simple blocks is offered (turbogenerator with a step-up power transformer). On the basis of this model the method of calculation of tension of the mentioned knot of loading is offered
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Issue 59, Pages: 60-65
Mthematical model of human heart conductive system
V. Horyachko, T. Horyachko
Mathematical model of human heart conductive system as parametric electric circuit with distributed parameters is proposed. Lineal parameters of such a circuit were obtained on the basis of geometric dimensions, physical characteristics of the medium and approximated experimental curves of ion conductivity of a membrane
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Issue 59, Pages: 66-72
Numerical research of logarithmic filters
V. Hryhorenko, Ya. Shmygelsky
It is considered a principle log-domain filtrations. Influence of parasitic RC-circuits on work of the logarithmic filter of the first order is researched
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Issue 59, Pages: 73-80
Properties of current-filament modeling used for electrodynamic problems solution
Y. Zakharia
The requirements for use of filament model in applied electrodynamic problems solution are considered. On numerical examples the comparison for two methods of model filament arrangement is made. The adequacy of modeling by current filaments for conducting structure is discussed. As structure example the waveguide exciter is used
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Issue 59, Pages: 81-86
Algorithm of a mathematical model of a non-linear hysteresis inductive element in periodical process
L. Glukhivskiy
An algorithm of creation of a mathematical model of a non-linear hysteresis inductive element procedure is suggested. The realization of the algorithm by computer procedure using FORTRAN-90 language is executed. The results of the periodical process calculation in a circuit comprising hysteresis inductance are presented
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Issue 59, Pages: 87-96
Theoretical principles of the variation promlem of electromagnetic field analisys. Part 1
M. Howykowycz, R. Filc
An expression of energetic functional for formulation of an variational problem of electromagnetic field analysis has been developed in the form of full energy expression for a medium placed in the electromagnetic field. It has been shown that functions which satisfy the first and third Maxwell’s equations deliver the least value of the discussed functional. Partial expressions of the energetic functional for electrostatics, magnetostatics and direct currents’ stationary electric field problems have been received
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Issue 59, Pages: 97-102
Simulation the physical processes of eddy-current transformer which interacting with testing ferromagnetic material
V. Martinov, D. Trushakov
The work contains the results of theoretical research of interaction between a laying-in U-type core eddy current transformer (ECT) and tested ferromagnetic material. There has been developed a mathematical simplified model and received equations for engineering calculation of introduced real resistance and reactance which can used for development eddy current defectoscopes
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Issue 59, Pages: 103-112
Vectorial characteristics of magnetizing of nonlinear anisotropic anhysteretic mediums
Z. Rozhnenko, S. Tolmachev
The question of construction of vector material equalizations of ferromagnetic mediums is considered in the anhysteretic approximation. General principles of forming of mathematical models of such materials are formulated with the use of power potentials. Efficiency of the use of integral principle of reciprocity is illustrated. Class of magnetic materials is considered, for the construction of vectorial characteristics of magnetizing of which, application of theory of protuberant functions is effective. The examples of construction of mathematical models of magnetizing of nonlinear anisotropic materials are resulted
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Issue 59, Pages: 113-118
Vector potential of the magnetic field and inductanses of dispersion and short circuit of screen cylinder align windings on ferromagnetic to the core
M. Yatsun, . Yatsun
Expressions are received for own and mutual inductances, inductances of dispersion and short circuit of cylinder align windinges on ferromagnetic to the core depending on geometrical dimensions and mutual placing of windings, dimensions and properties of screen
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Issue 59, Pages: 119-130
Transient processes of the electromechanical systems calculation using convolution integral with nonzero initial values
O. Lozynsky, V. Moroz
The approach to calculate transient processes of the electromechanical systems using the convolution integral with nonzero initial value is offered in this paper. In-vestigated system is decomposed to the sum of the elementary dynamic blocks with the computed responses of the each block
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Issue 59, Pages: 131-137
Mathematical macromodels of induction motor for peak currents and voltages
P. Stakhiv, V. Malyar, Yu. Kozak, I. Nadych
The problem of mathematical macromodels creation intended for electromechanical converters analysis is considered. Linear and nonlinear macromodels of induction motor of type 4A71A23 are developed for peak current and voltage values, shaft mechanical moment and rotor angular speed. Adequacy of obtained moderls is analysed
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Issue 59, Pages: 138-143
Method of forming hardness of mechanical characteristic of asynchronous motor
V. Malyar, A. Malyar, D. Hrechyn
A method of forming mechanical characteristics hardness of the phase-rotor asynchronous motor and of studying the influence of rheostat resistance in the rotor circuit on the static start-up characteristics has been proposed
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Issue 59, Pages: 144-150
Electromagnetic torque of brushless permanent magnet DC motor
V. Tkahuk, R. Vasyliv
In this paper, a brushless trapezoidal permanent magnet DC motor is observed. Calculation of electromagnetic torque brushless trapezoidal permanent magnet DC motor is presented in this paper
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Issue 59, Pages: 151-159
Electrodynamic media with breach f atomic communication
R. Pelenskyj
An importnt task to study processes alive and nonalive nanostructures as well as the metod of calculation of nanodevices is solved. The scientific progress in this field is possible due to combining of the cvantum fenomena theory with electrodynamics. To take into account the effects caused by the atomic connection breaking, the double layers of electric and magnetic charges are introduced. Besides it they have a function of information carrers in the alive organisms
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Issue 59, Pages: 160-171
Numerical solution to the fundamental system of equations for processes of the modulation photoconductivity in the quasi-stationary approximation
R. Shuwar, O. Stolyarchuk
The present article examines the methods of numerical solution to the fundamental system of equations by analyzing photoconductivity in the set quasi-stationary regime in the linear approximation according to the modulation parameter. The amplitude special distribution of the alternating concentrations of free charge carriers and electric field intensity is calculated. The method of transformation of expressions for recombination rate in the lifetime approximation is suggested. The obtained system of equations is solved by means of finite differences. The optimal selection of expressions for derivative approximation, normalizing coefficients along with the stability and convergence of the differencial scheme is researched
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