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Issue 58

Issue 58, Pages: 3-7
On evaluation of maximal frequency for which instability of steady state is possible
V. Odintsova, L. Sinitsky
It is well known that in dissipative parametric circuits exists a frequency interval in which stability of the steady state is impossible. It is brief the maximal value of this interval is found. Euristic recommendation were obtained. Example which proves practical meaning of result is given
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Issue 58, Pages: 8-14
Impact of phase error non-gaussian distribution on the synchronization quality and boundary noise stability of phase lock
A. Bondarev, O. Lazko, L. Nedostup
In the paper is shown that influence of phase error non-Gaussian distribution in the synchronization system gives an opportunity to increase precision of synchronization quality estimation. The durability bound of cumulant equations system enable to estimate the bound noise stability of synchronization. Development of those advantages becomes a future trends od described analysis method application
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Issue 58, Pages: 15-19
Mathematical model of the buck-converter
I. Romaniv, L. Sinitsky
The mathematical model of the buck-converter is constructed. There has been found the solution of such a model. The value of the solution vector under steady-state conditions is determined. The requirement and sufficient condition of the converter stability are derived
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Issue 58, Pages: 20-26
Mhematical model of nerve impulse in a neuron
V. Horyachko
The mathematical model of nerve impulse propagation in a neuron is developed on grounds of parametrical electrical circuit with distributed parameters. The method of straight lines was used for analysis of a transient process. The approximation of ion conductivity of a membrane was carried out by using cubic splines. Results of mathematical experiments which were received on the developed digital model are being presented
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Issue 58, Pages: 27-38
Influencing estimation of substitution chart types two-winding transformers on calculation of their power descriptions
G. Lysiak, V. Konoval, . Trembeckyi
Conducted high-quality and quantitative comparative influencing estimation of substitution chart types two-winding transformers with concentric puttees and ferromagnetic core on the results of calculation losses power for different types of transformers in the set symmetric modes. Confirmed expedience of the use of the asymmetrical -visible taken electric chart of substitution
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Issue 58, Pages: 39-43
Analysis of electric circuits transient process with components described by discrete parameters
P. Stakhiv, S. Renzinyak, A. Korud
The problem of transient processes calculation in complex electric circuits consisting of elements with different physical nature using diakoptic approach is considered. Each element is presented as subsystem with its own mathematical model. Simulation of transient process is conducted using multirate method with estimation of interrelation between subcircuits in some time moments. Examples of calculation of linear and nonlinear circuit which contains long line are presented
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Issue 58, Pages: 44-50
Simulation of catastrophic faults in electronics DC circuit
B. Blagitko, V. Rabyk
It was proposed on algorithm for simulation of catastrophic faults in DC linear circuits by modification of conductance matrix of circuit. This algorithm permits modeling of catastrophic faults for a resistor, a voltage controlled source of current and a operational amplifier
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Issue 58, Pages: 51-64
Method for linear circuits transients calculation
R. Filc
The notion of equivalent of a function developable into Taylor series convergent over the interval -∞<t<+∞ has been introduced. Equivalents method for linear circuit transients calculation has been developed
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Issue 58, Pages: 65-68
Regularization of a method of search of periodic modes of the electronic circuits
Y. Shmygelsky, M. Zhovtanets’ky
Usage Tikhonov’s regularization of a method of Newton for search of a steady state of the nonlinear electronic circuits is considered. The results of numerical experiments represented
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Issue 58, Pages: 69-72
Method of periodic regimes analysis for nonlinear autonomous electric circuits
V. Malyar, A. Malyar
The main theses of the method of designing stationary periodic modes of autonomous non-linear electric circuits by solving a boundary problem for differential equations, which describe the dynamic mode, applying the differential spline-method have been expounded
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Issue 58, Pages: 73-76
The new approach to circuit steady-state monoharmonious processes analysis
V. Tchaban
In the paper is proposed new method of linear AC circuit steady-state monoharmonious processes analysis according to rules of DC circuit analysis. The analysis is realised in area of coordinate transformation. The real voltages and currents are determined according to inverse coordinate transformation. The method is intended for numerical methods. The example of analytic analysis is added
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Issue 58, Pages: 77-83
Parallel adaptive algorythm of radioelectronics circuits modelling
I. Khvyshchun, B. Kviatkovsky
The problem of distributed adaptive algorithm for radio electronics schemes modeling is described in this work. Detailed description of parallel program realization structure is being provided. Comparative analysis of program working on different count of computers is done. Parallel program was built by using the most popular system of parallel computing - MPI
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Issue 58, Pages: 84-91
Algorithm for synthesis of double-reflector-type antenna with elliptical auxiliary reflector in millimeter waveband
I. Prudyus, Y. Zakharia, R. Andrushchak
By geometrical optic method an algorithm for synthesis of double-reflector-type antenna with elliptical auxiliary reflector is considered. Such algorithm is based on some number of conditions, which fulfil the electromagnetic field in antenna structure. For millimeter waveband, it is proposed to fasten the auxiliary reflector on the antenna-protection dielectric plate. An example of antenna synthesis is added
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Issue 58, Pages: 92-97
Problems of guided electromagnetic waves exciter-feed-structure modeling
Y. Zakharia
Modeling problems in waveguide exciter analysis are considered. An algorithm for electrodynamic analysis use aperture model is given. Analysis results of exciter feed structure, driven from symmetrical strip line, are discussed. For often used exciter-feed-structure models a comparison is made
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Issue 58, Pages: 98-103
Semifield mathematical model of electromagnetic devices
V. Maday, . Shegedyn, M. Sokolovsky
Semifield mathematical model of electromagnetic devices is proposed. Interpolar interval of device describes by quazistationary equations of electromagnetic field and other construction remainder by equations of electromagnetic circles. Results of computer simulation are given
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Issue 58, Pages: 104-111
Mathematical model of deep slot induction motor in phase coordinates
A. Tchaban
In the paper is proposed the mathematical model of saturated deep slot induction motor in phase coordinates. The differential equations of electromechanical state and spatial quantization equations of electromagnetic field of rotor deep slots are wrote down in normal Cauchy form. The results of computation are given
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Issue 58, Pages: 112-119
Mathematical model of electromechanical phenomena in a synchronous non-salient pole generator with respect to eccentricity. Part 2
M. Howykowycz
A non-linear mathematical model for calculating transient phenomena in a 3-phase synchronous non-salient pole generator with consideration of eccentricity and an alternating saturation of the magnetic circuit is introduced. A unique system of integral-differential equations describing electrical, magnetic, and mechanical conditions is formed. On grounds of solution of the system some thesis of non-linear theory of electric machines with consideration of eccentricity were defined more accurately
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Issue 58, Pages: 120-129
Object-oriented mathemathical model of synchronous mashine
A. Kutsyk
For development of mathematical models of complicate elements of the electromechanics systems the object-oriented method is proposed. The object-oriented model of synchronous machine and the principles of modeling of the electromechanics systems with the use of offered approach are described in the paper
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Issue 58, Pages: 130-137
The features of the numerical methods application in the simulation of the modern electrical drives
V. Moroz
The analysis of features of the using of the numerical methods for ordinary differential equations in the simulation of the modern electric drives with impulse elements is conducted in the article. The example of the electrical drive model was realized in the popular environment of the imitation design MATLAB + Simulink. Problems of the recreation of basic co-ordinates using the numerical methods are shown. The approaches to their rational using are offered
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Issue 58, Pages: 138-146
Rotor ground fault protection of generator with static excitation system
Z. Eleschova, A. Belan, D. Gasparovsky
This paper deals with the influence of harmonics produced by the static excitation system of generator on the rotor ground fault protection of synchronous generator. The report brings measured courses of field voltage and current flow through insulation system of field winding during generator failure-free operation. There is analysed potential impact of static excitation system on correct function of rotor ground protection based on AC injection method
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Issue 58, Pages: 147-153
Thermoelectric power temperature dependencies Hg-containing high temperature superconductors in narrow band model
O. Babych, M. Vasyuk, M. Matvijiv, O. Zinovjev
Temperature dependencies of thermopower Hg-containing HTSC for different level of oxygen doping were calculated. The electonics spectrum parameters were estimated
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Issue 58, Pages: 154-160
The spin processes of thin films
R. Pelenskyj
Studied in the paper are mechanism of the rise and dissemination of spine waves in thin film media and the formation of dioin continnms of the near surface layer of a thin film
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Issue 58, Pages: 161-166
Effective method of dynamic adjustment of membership function’s parameters of fuzzy-neural emulators Vang-Mendel structure
V. Shchokin, V. Sidorenko, O. Shchokina
Results of development of genetic algorithm updating for carrying out of parametrical synthesis of asymptotic stability, intellectual control systems by technological processes are shown. The suggested modification of base genetic algorithm does not reduce parameters of algorithm efficiency at increase of algorithm speed on 2,5-5,5% from common time
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Issue 58, Pages: 167-175
The model of fluorescent lamp as object of control
A. Lupenko
The new dynamic small-signal model of fluorescent lamp operating at high frequency is considered. The model is presented in term of lamp incremental impedance. The model parameters may be simply obtained from lamp dynamic V-A characteristics. The model can be useful for stability analysis of open and closed-loop high frequency lamp/electronic ballast systems. The model is in a good agreement with experimental results
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Issue 58, Pages: 176-182
Simulation of a U-type core eddy-current transformer located on ferromagnetic material with "crack type" defects
V. Gamaliy, D. Trushakov
The work contains the results of theoretical and experimental research of interaction between a laying-in U-type core eddy-current transformer (ECT) and tested ferromagnetic material with defects of through-the-thickness crack type at variation of the main disturbing factor - variable air-gap fluctuation between the sensor and tested surface. There has been developed a graphic-analytical simplified model and received equations for engineering calculation of introduced inductances of such eddy-current transformer depending on crack width and air-gap fluctuation size. The have been received equations for estimation sensitivities of eddy-current transformer to depends on crack width growth and to change of air-gap
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Issue 58, Pages: 183-188
Selection of information of eddy current transducer on elements of primary measuring circle at transient regime
M. Yatsun, A. Yatsun
Grounded form of voltage of feed and current in the coil of excitation of eddy current transducer, this estimation of character commutations and certain basic quantitys of primary measuring circuit for the selection of useful information on a measuring coil about the object of control
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Issue 58, Pages: 189-196
Stabilized and compensated properties installation stabilization of mode of the dynamic load
Y. Jovnir
Method of the analysis stabilized and compensated installation stabilization of mode of the dynamic load on the basic inductive-capacitance transforms worked out
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Issue 58, Pages: 197-201
Rise of speed-speed system exactness with digital correcting device in optical electronic complexes
I. Zadorogniy, G. Zadorogniy, V. Zadorogniy
A method of rise of control system exactness is offered "speed-speed" optical electronic complex due to the choice of algorithms of digital correcting devices
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