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Issue 3

Issue 3, Pages: 3-27
Electronic speckle pattern interferometry techniques for research of material surface deformations
L. Muravsky, T. Voronyak
The state of-the-art of electronic speckle pattern interferometry (ESPI) techniques for studying surface displacements and deformations in structural materials and different products are considered. Principles of speckle and speckle interferogram generation are formulated. Correlation ESPI techniques are analyzed and examples of their application for nondestructive testing are represented. The especial attention is paid to temporal and spatial phase-shifting ESPI techniques, which are dominant among the rest due to the high sensitivity and possibility to precisely measure the surface displacement and strain fields. Heterodyne and Fourier transform ESPI techniques are also considered. The increasing part of ESPI methods for laboratory research and field observation in nondestructive testing and technical diagnostics is marked
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Issue 3, Pages: 28-33
Dynamics of relaxation excitationsin mesoscopic cluster during superradiation decay
L. Demkiv, . Demkiv
The apparatus density matrix and semiclassical approach are used to study the dynamics of superradiation pulse formation in a system with a high density of excited particles - dipoles which affect each other by interacting dipole moment with the total electromagnetic field of a number of neighboring dipoles. Consideration of dipole-dipole interaction at the micro level allows to explain new experimental facts in optics nanoparticles. The influence of system parameters, which forms a mesoscopiccluster, and single particle parameters on the dynamics of the relaxation was investigated
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Issue 3, Pages: 34-39
Temperature sensor on the basis of Tl4HgI6 and Tl4PbI6 crystals
V. A. Franiv, O. V. Bovgyra, I. S. Girnyk, O. S. Kushnir, O. V. Futey, A. P. Vaskiv
In this work we report the results of experimental studies of X-ray structural, mechanical and optical properties of semiconductor Tl4HgI6 and Tl4PbI6 crystals. Considering a peculiar temperature behavior of linear thermal expansion of those crystals, we suggest a temperature sensor and a scheme of temperature controller on their basis
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Issue 3, Pages: 40-46
The electron polarizability of uniaxially clamped of potassium sulfate crystals
. ashuba, V.Stadnyk, .tviishyn
The temperature and baric dependences of the electron polarizability of potassium sulfate crystal have been calculated. It is established that uniaxial pressures increases the electron polarizability, mainly because of the increase in the oscillator density and redshift of the ultraviolet absorption band maximum. It is found the substantial baric displacement of the ferroelastic phase transition point both in the side of higher (σ) and lower temperatures (σy, σz), and temperature interval of the intermediate phase, near-by phase transition in crystals K2SO4
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Issue 3, Pages: 47-53
Luminescence spectroscopy of Tb3+ ions in polycrystals of gadolinium gallium garne
L. Kostyk, A. Luchechko, O. Tsvetkova, T. Teplyy
Spectral-luminescent and kinetic properties of gadolinium gallium garnet doped with terbium in the temperature range 85-295 K were investigated. The photoluminescence spectra are characterized by a series of intense narrow bands in the spectral region 480-690 nm (green luminescence), which are corresponded to 5D47Fj-transitions in ions Tb3+. It is shown, that in polycrystals, in contrast to single crystals, one type of luminescence centers associated with Tb3+ activator is formed. The correlation between the photoluminescence intensities do not differ in case of excitation in the f-d band (transition in Tb3+ ions) or λm = 314 nm (8S7/26P7/2- transition in Gd3+ ions)
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Issue 3, Pages: 54-61
Features of electro-physical characteristics of elastically deformed monocrystals of p-Si
B. Pavlyk, R. Didyk, R. Lys, D. Slobodzyan, A. Hrypa, J. Shykoryak, . Kushlyk, I. Tshehil
Were investigated changes in the resistance of monocrystalline p-Si sample at room temperature in the process of compression or removal of mechanical deformations. Found that during exposure of the sample with stoped press, resistance of the sample increases. Investigated, that between individual cycles of deformation occurs gradual and prolonged increase in resistance of the sample. Selectively etching of the surface (111) found an increased defectiveness of sites on the surface layer of the sample that was inflicted with film of aluminum. This fact, according to the authors, causes a change in resistance of the sample under uniaxial its elastic deformation
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Issue 3, Pages: 62-69
Investigation of optical absorption spectra of mixed tutton salts crystals K2CuFe1-X(SO4)26H2O
I. Polovynko, S. Rykhlyuk, T. Londar
Tutton salt’s crystals K2CuFe1-X(SO4)26H2O were grown from water solution of K2SO4, FeSO47H2O and CuSO45H2O salts. Aabsorption spectra of these crystals were investigated in the range 400-1220 nm. The relation between the optical absorption coefficients at maximum of absorption bands and the admixture concentration of Cu2+ ions has been found.
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Issue 3, Pages: 70-78
Radiation processes in crystals with point defects in dipole type. One-dimensional model
Z. Chornij, I. Pirko, V. Salapak, N. Dyachuk
The calculations of possibility of colouring centers creations in crystals CaF2-Me+ were conducted in one-dimension model. The influence of doping ions on the effectiveness of crystal coloring was researched.
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Issue 3, Pages: 79-87
Temperature dependence of thermoelectric power and band spectrum transformation of Tl2Ba2Ca1-XYXCu2-YCoYOZ system
O. Babych
Using a phenomenological model of a narrow band the analysis of the temperature dependence of the thermopower coefficient S(T) at T>T for Tl2Ba2Ca1-XYXCu2-YCoYOZ in the case of substitution Y→Ca and Co→Cu was carried out. The structure of the density of states at the Fermi level EF is depicted in the form of an asymmetric Lorentzian. The good agreement between the calculated dependencies S(T) with the experimental data was obtained. Defined The values of the band spectra parameters in the vicinity of F was defined and character of their transformation was considered. We found a correlation between effective width of band and superconducting transition temperature T
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Issue 3, Pages: 88-95
Development of universal neuroemulators based on consumer-level microcontrollers
A. Farenyuk, Z. Lyubun
In this paper we have shown that consumer-level controllers can be used to implement neuroemulators. We have used following controllers: 8-bit AVR family ATmega2560 (256Kb program memory) and ATtiny13 (1 program memory); 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 family, STM32F100RB (128 program memory). Several neural networks of different architecture and size were implemented to analyze data from microcontroller inputs and act correspondingly. Thus it was shown that neural networks can be implemented in wide variety of platforms. Also demonstrational surface color recognition device based on neural network implemented on ATmega2560 was developed. It was show that careful use of power-saving modes greatly increases autonomous working time.
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Issue 3, Pages: 96-107
Mathematical modelling of process quadrocopter stabilization in flight
B. Blahitko, Yu. Mochulsky
The results of investigation of quadrocopter in flight mathematical model with the properties of electric motors are considering. The mathematical model is presented by system of algebraic-differential equations in the Cauchy form of the 12th order. Input information is the value of quadrocopter altitude, of pitch angle, roll angle, yaw angle and their changes with timeflow. The proportional-differential (PD) control is used in order to stabilize a quadrocopter in flight and to ensure the optimal output of a quadrocopter into the specified mode. PD controller changes the variations of the thrust of the four traction engine, screws, sign variations and times at which all of these changes should be applied. Stabilization quadrocopter tested in flight for example automate simple aerobatics figure, - a horizontal figure eight -, as a right-hand and left-hand turns.
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Issue 3, Pages: 108-121
Features of construction of thermal model from by convection of the upper Earth’s mantle
V. Fourman
The correlation mantle thermo state from possible temperature variations are showed and Earth’s upper mantle them model is constructed. The obtaining mantle’s temperature from observer about the thermal flooding including factor uncertainty, which connected with complexity determination crust’s component from the results of interpretation of the observer thermal flooding. It should be noted about correlation between thermal process convection into upper mantle and value of thermal flooding in the Earth’ crust.
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Issue 3, Pages: 122-132
The boundary element method for problems of cavities identification in cylindrical solid with the use of local heating and the data of IR-thermography
V. Chekurin, O. Sinkevych
In the paper the theoretical bases and mathematical tools for contactless methods of nondestructive identification of geometrical parameters of cylindrical tunnel cavity in a cylindrical solid has been considered. The method is based on stationary thermal process excitation in the object and measuring its surface temperature field with the use of IR-thermography. The mathematical model for sounding of the object by local heating with concentrated thermal flux has been built with the use of boundary integral equations method. In the scope of the model a boundary element algorithm for the direct problem of cavity identification has been developed. On this basis informative parameters of the surface temperature field, which can be measured by IR-thermography technique, were studied and possibilities to use them for cavity identification have been approved. It was shown that one of the cavity identification parameters can be determined directly from one of informative parameters. With this accounting the inverse problem was reduced to solving of a system of two non-linear equations. An iterative boundary element method for solving this problem, based on the Newton method, has been developed. An effectiveness of the developed method has been demonstrated with the use of numerical experiment.
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Issue 3, Pages: 133-143
Improvement of the ADSL data transmission technologies family by the use of amplitude modulation of many components
I. Gorbatyy
The known ADSL technologies family that applies for the data transmission by the telecommunication access networks on the basis of symmetric telecommunication lines was considered. The dependence of data transmission throughput of leased telecommunication channel on the basis of ADSL technology from the telecommunication line length in stripe of working frequencies 1,104 Mz and 2,208 Mz was given. The method of adaptive data transmission in the telecom-munication access networks on the basis of symmetric and coaxial telecommunication lines with the use of amplitude modulation of many components (AMMC) was offered. The possibility of reduction of the bit error rate in the process of data transmission and rise of efficiency of telecommunication access networks in case of application of offer method was shown.
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Issue 3, Pages: 144-155
Cross-platform programming model of the drill string in liquidation sticking jar
. R. Alekseev, . . Karakozov, T. V. Kucher
The mathematical model of the dynamic processes in the drill string is described. A finite-difference scheme for solving the hyperbolic equation in three phase’s cycle mechanism is considered. Software of the solution is analyzed. The choice of the compiler used in the programming model is reasonable. Engineering analysis of the resulting simulation solutions is carried out.
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Issue 3, Pages: 156-168
Digital image processing algorithm for material deformation characteristics definition
O. Maksymenko, L. Frankevych, O. Sakharuk
Algorithm for displacement and deformation measurements of a beam specimen surfaces during their loading was developed on the basis of Digital Speckle Correlation technique and its experimental verification was performed. Duralumin beam specimen’s radius of curvatures, deformations and coefficients of elasticity was determined experimentally. Received results testify effectiveness of developed algorithm performance.
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Issue 3, Pages: 169-175
Supervisory control and data collection OpenSCADA 0.8.0 LTS
R. Savochenko
Free software improved and occupies more areas of human activity. One such area is the automated systems, where open solutions are increasingly the critical factor. The article as a whole devoted to a review of the new industrial version 0.8.0 of the project free SCADA-system OpenSCADA for longterm support. To gain insight about the project as a whole will also briefly presented history, policies and functions of the project. Since this is the second version for longterm support it is natural there are several complete solutions based on OpenSCADA, an overview of which is given in the article. Six months gone after the release and to version 0.8.0 already released several updates, the most interesting of which are considered.
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Issue 3, Pages: 176-184
Data segmentation threshold of the Earth remote sondage images
R. Sulymko, R. Shuvar
In this paper, the technique of high resolution bitmap segmentation is proposed. The result of it is a draft raster image segmentation, which consider their textural characteristics in addition to color characteristics into. The operation of the program and examples of processed bitmaps are described. The effectiveness of various threshold value selection for the coefficient of deviation of different textures in images is shown. The effectiveness of the implemented project is analysed on different image textures.
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Issue 3, Pages: 185-192
Ion transport calculation in crystals with the structure of scheelite
V. Shevchuk, I. Kayun
Using program package TOPOS Voronoi-Dirichlet polyhedra for CaMoO4 crystals were calculated and migration map were constructed at different temperatures. The possibilities of existence of ionic conductivity in crystals with scheelite structure at high temperature were shown.
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Issue 3, Pages: 193-201
Empowering the optimal traffic management of the road network in the city
The article deals with the traditional methods of management of transport flows in the road network. The main instruments of traffic management of the road network in the city at the specific moment is the regulation of traffic lights. Key nodes of the road network in the city are the intersections. That they observed the greatest losses as the use of the roadway. Now for the traffic signal control is used single-program rigid, multi-program, coordinated control, adaptive control, and intelligent traffic light. All of these control methods are described in detail and their shortcomings. Opportunities to meet the needs of society in escalating volumes of passengers and freight through the use of regulation to control the traffic lights have been exhausted - especially in large cities. Now a need to develop fundamental measures for more effective use of transport resources: roadway, intersections, interchanges, etc. Proposed in this paper concept means no traffic lights at the intersection and is based on the principle of multi-agent system.
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Issue 3, Pages: 202-210
Polymetric method and modern cybernetics
P. Trokhimchuck
Basic notions and conceptions of polymetric analysis and its bond with modern cybernetics are analyzed. Necessary of creation of this science is caused of the development of modern cybernetics and informatics. Comparative analysis of basic theories and conceptions, which allowed creating polymetric method, is represented. Questions of systematization of modern science and knowledge are discussed. Basic applications of polymetric method in cybernetics and physics are represented.
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Issue 3, Pages: 211-219
Building ARIMA time series models for weather data predicting using R programming language
O. Dzendzelyuk, L. Kostiv, V. Rabyk
The algorithm of ARIMA time series model construction based on the Box-Jenkins methodology is reviewed. The description of the criteria used for the verification of time series stationary mode, selection of the optimal ARIMA model and its reliabiliy testing is discussed. The main attention is focused on the implementation of this algorithm in R programming language. As an example, the implementation of short-term forecasting of ambient temperature in Chornogirska geographical station was done.
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Issue 3, Pages: 220-225
Using virtualization technologies in courses "System administration OS Linux"
A. Batiuk, D. Vankevych, G. Zlobin
The paper considers the use of available systems virtualization OpenVZ and KVM in the learning process of the Department of Radio Physics and Computer Technologies Ivan Franko Lviv National University. The advantages of using virtualization technologies in comparison with the performance of the tasks of system administration of Linux in the workplace student in a computer lab for general use.
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Issue 3, Pages: 226-231
Application of coupled oscillatory circuit in eddy-current defectoscopy
D. Trushakov
The work contains the results of theoretical research for application of coupled oscillatory circuit in eddy current defectoscopy (eddy current non-destructive testing). There has been represented a basic advantages of application a coupled oscillatory circuit for resonance eddy current defectoscope.
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Issue 3, Pages: 232-236
Numerical methods and conservation laws in dynamical systems
V. Brygilevych, S. Velgosh, V. Hryhorenko, Ya. Shmygelsky
The class of conservative dynamical systems, for which the mid-point numerical simulation method retains the property of conservation, is emphasized
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