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Issue 2

Issue 2, Pages: 3-26
Surface plasmon polaritons
I. Bolesta
We consider the main properties of surface plasmon-polaritonic waves, which are regarded as a combination of electromagnetic waves existing on the surface of a good conductor (metal) and a dielectric. Intrinsically they are two-dimensional waves, which spread along the surface of the metal and the dielectric, their amplitude decaying exponentially with distance from the surface. The article deals with the description of general properties of such waves. The surface plasmon polariton dispersion relations are obtained for the waves on simple surfaces and multi-surface systems. The methods for excitation of the waves and their practical applications are considered
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Issue 2, Pages: 27-32
Dislocations generation in semiconductor crystals using the plastic deformation method
B. Pavlyk, R. Didyk, J. Shykoryak, R. Lys, D. Slobodzyan, A. Hrypa, . Kushlyk, I. Tshehil
We analyze the influence of dislocations on the physical properties of semiconductor crystals. We suggest an original device for plastic deformation of massive (the thickness of 4 mm) single-crystalline silicon samples. The process of preparation of samples for deformation is described. The features of distribution of dislocations in the plane (111) in the deformed samples is investigated, depending on the magnitude of deformation. The patterns of selective etching of the surfaces (111) of deformed p-Si samples are shown
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Issue 2, Pages: 33-44
Methods for investigation of radiation-induced changes in the parameters of MOS-transistors
B. Koman
We present the methods for investigation of radiation-induced changes in the parameters of MOS transistors, which are based on the experimental curves of currents sub-threshold. It is believed that the radiation-induced charge in the under-gate insulator voltage shift is proportional to the mid-gap UMG. The experimental automated measuring complex is described basing on the IBM-PC. It is aimed at measuring the sub-threshold currents of the MOS-transistors and software implementation of experimental data processing
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Issue 2, Pages: 45-50
Effect of surface on the luminescence properties of CdS nanocrystals
V. Smyntyna, B. Semenenko, V. Skobyeyeva, M. Malushyn
One of the features of crystals with nano-scale size, which are isolated in a polymer matrix, is essential chemical activity of their surface. This fact can be used in many applications (e.g., while creating different types of sensors and catalysts of chemical reactions) and, in the scientific aspect, in oder to study the physics of surface states at the interfaces between two different phases
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Issue 2, Pages: 51-56
The influence of inter-phase physical and chemical processes on the optical properties of CdS nanocrystals in gelatin
V. Smyntyna, V. Boshernitsan, V. Skobeeva, N. Malushin
Nanocrystals of cadmium sulfide were synthesized using a sol-gel technoiogy in a gelatin matrix. The objects of our investigation were colloidal solutions of CdS nanoparticles. The average size of nanocrystals varied from 3 to 11 nm. The influence of the gelatin concentration and the storage time on the optical properties of our nanocrystals was investigated, basing on the data analysis for the optical absorption of CdS nanocrystals. A correlation of those results with the luminescence data was revealed
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Issue 2, Pages: 57-64
Electro-physical characteristics of Si (p-type) near-surface layers with Al films subjected to elastic deformations
B. Pavlyk, M. Kushlyk, R. Didyk, Y. Shykoryak, D. Slobodzyan, A. Hrypa, R. Lys, B. Kulyk
It is revealed that deposition of Al film cause deformations in a surface layer of silicon. The effect of defects gettering from volume of the sample to the deformed surface layer is found as a result of uniaxial elastic deformation of crystal. The dependence of the resistance changes for these samples on the elastic deformation is obtained that confirms the process of defect gettering in the surface deformation field. Theoretical calculations of the maximum depth of defects capturing are performed basing on the interaction energy of the deformed layer and the dislocations
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Issue 2, Pages: 65-70
Obtaining and spectral-luminescent properties of nanocrystalline Gd3Ga5O12 garnet doped with Tb3+ ions
O. Tsvetkova, L. Kostyk, A. Luchechko
The coprecipitation method is used to obtain both the nominally pure Gd3Ga5O12 nanopowders and those doped with the rare-earth elements (Tb3+). Thermal treatment of the precursor at the temperatures of 850 and 950C has allowed obtaining the nanopowders with high degrees of homogeneity and dispersion. Nanoceramics are obtained using the compression of nanopowder with the following annealing at 950oC. The characteristic "green" emission associated with the 5D4-7F6,5,4,3 transitions in Tb3+ ions is observed under the X-ray excitation of Gd3Ga5O12:Tb3+ phosphor. A comparative analysis of the X-ray emission spectra for the nominally pure Gd3Ga5O12 samples and those doped with Tb3+ is carried out for the samples prepared using both the coprecipitation and the solid-state reaction methods
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Issue 2, Pages: 71-76
Behavior of low-frequency dispersion in GaSe crystals with temperature changes
O. Fl’unt
The model based on distribution of effective dipoles over the relaxation times has been suggested for explanation of temperature behavior of the low-frequency dispersion (LFD) occurring in GaSe crystals. According to the model, the dielectric response at a certain frequency, within the range dominated by the LFD, is caused by a summing contribution of the effective dipoles with the corresponding or longer relaxation times, rather than by the effective dipoles of the media with the corresponding characteristic frequencies. The model explains independence of the LFD exponent on the temperature, thus allowing estimation of the activation energy of the LFD and explaining dependence of the activation energy on temperature in the range dominated by the LFD
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Issue 2, Pages: 77-87
Methods of hand flying by quadrokopter vertical flight and landing
B. Blahitko, Yu. Mochulsky
There results of studies features of three main ways of hand flying for the vertical flight and landing quadrocopter with regard to dynamic properties electromotor are described. The two-position method, the three-position method and optimal the two-position method are concluding. The operator is controlling by quadrocopter with Earth. The operator can to variety a count force, a sign delta force and a time moments of varies. The input information is the count of fly height only and her time variety
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Issue 2, Pages: 88-95
Investigation of spectral characteristic of flame sensor
O. Lepihov, . Kotlubaev, . Buryk
The main directions in the development of a new generation of flame sensors are chosen to be a use of two-wire lines to connect the sensor fire to controller; transfer of information about the operation of the sensor via current pulses propagating along the power line; pollination control window, and checking the function of the sensor. The device is able to provide reliable registration of outbreaks and is able to determine the extent of their development (i.e., the propagation velocity)
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Issue 2, Pages: 96-104
The model of flow the Earth’s mantle convection plumes
V. Fourman
The model for a body of mantle plumes is worked out, that enables explanations of recent results of seismo-tomographic studies of the mantle plumes at intermediate mantle depths. Changes and deformations of the mantle plumes because of convection flows do not change substantially the lines of thermal evolution of the mantle plumes
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Issue 2, Pages: 105-110
Modelling of heat transfer and heat diffusion in the Earth’s mantle plumes
V. Fourman, N. Khomjak
Computing methods for modelling of heat flow and thermal diffusion in the Earth’s mantle plumes are suggested. A model for thermal diffusion in the mantle plumes indicates that the plume stems are destroyed faster than their caps, as a result of thermal diffusion
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Issue 2, Pages: 111-117
Interaction planar CL-circuit with electromagnetic wave
Yu. Mochulsky
The interaction of inductances with magnetic component of electromagnetic wave in planar CL-circuit was investigated. As a result of this interaction the relative magnetic permeability of the medium is changed. Relation real and imaginary part of permeance of medium with a planar CL-circuit from the parameters of circuit and frequency of electromagnetic wave is find. Real part of permeance of medium with a planar CL-circuit change sign on negative in defined region of frequency. This fact confirm possibility of existence of material with negative refractive index.
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Issue 2, Pages: 118-127
Modelling of dynamical regimes of two-motor electrical drives with elasticities and gaps of the mechanical transducers (english)
J. N. Dochviri, O. S. Khachapuridze
A mathematical model is constructed for the two-motor electrical drive with one speed controller and two thyristor converters, by taking into account elasticities and gaps of mechanical transducers. Using state-space methods, the transfer functions of the object are defined. Recommendations for tunings the regulators are obtained. Applied modelling in the frame of MatLab yields in the near-optimal dynamical characteristics
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Issue 2, Pages: 128-134
Studies of electromagnetic phenomena in eddy current transformer under condition of its interaction with testing ferromagnetic material
D. Trushakov
This work contains the results of theoretical studies for the interaction between a laying-in U-type core eddy current transformer (ECT) and a tested ferromagnetic material. We have obtained equations for determining magnetic currents distributed through the thickness of ferromagnetic specimen under test, which is located under the U-type core ECT poles. The equations have been found for determining the real resistance and the reactance of the U-type core ECT
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Issue 2, Pages: 135-141
Reliability studies for the personal computer of "IBM PC" type
D. Trushakov, O. Birzul
In this work we describe the reliability of a personal computer of the "IBM PC" type, considering both the sequential and the parallel connections of its components. The structure of the personal computer is presented in terms of its separate modules. The studies of reliability of the personal computer are carries out using both the exponential and diffusion distributions
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Issue 2, Pages: 142-147
Modelling of spatial coordinates of moving ferromagnetic solid in the induced magnetic field by diakoptical methods
S. Rendzinyak
In the paper investigates transients in heterogeneous system, which consists of three parts: mechanical (ferromagnetic solid in a magnetic field), the magnetic field of the solenoid and electrical (solenoid power supply circuit) are researched. There are forces in inhomogeneous magnetic field which have an influence on ferromagnetic solid and lead to its moving. The magnetic field, which creates a solenoid in the general case of complex geometric shapes, can not always be calculated analytically, but its structure can explore other well-known methods. Finally, solenoid is necessary to supply by electrical power source usually oscillatory or pulse form. Such a difficult problem got solved diakoptical methods
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Issue 2, Pages: 148-153
On the convergence of non-linear dynamic systems
V. Hryhorenko, I. Romaniv, Ya. Shmygelsky
It proposed to exploit the Dahlquist equivalence theorem that uses the measure of the Jacobi matrix definition in order to establish the conditions of the convergence of a non-linear dynamic system. It is demonstrated that using this approach, the sufficient conditions can be reached in a simpler manner and in some cases they can be more suitable for practical applications
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Issue 2, Pages: 154-163
Use of GIS in the problems of air quality management
V. Nochvay, R. Kryvakovska, O. Ishchuk
The article examines the use of geographic information systems (GIS) in the problem of air quality management. We analyze the main tasks of the system, different uses of the GIS, and methods of GIS integration with the other parts of the system. The structure of data flow between the supporting system and the GIS is considered. The basic directions of development for such systems are considered
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Issue 2, Pages: 164-172
Probabilistic classification of text documents in the space of semantic fields
B. Pavlyshenko
A classification of text documents in the semantic vector space has been proposed using a Bayesian classifier. The formation of uncorrelated attributes of text documents has been considered, using the method of principal components and singular decomposition of the frequency matrix of semantic fields
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Issue 2, Pages: 173-177
Segmentation of remote sensing data using distributed computing
Y. Shyyka, R. Shuwar
The project for distributed segmentation of remote sensing images is developed. The ondor system of distributed computing is described. The main principles of work of the system and approaches used while developing applications for use in the distributed computing project are elucidated. In order to segment the images of remote sensing, a modification of Kruscal algorithm is presented. Colour and textural features are used for the image segmentation. The efficiency of the project presented is analyzed
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Issue 2, Pages: 178-183
Flooding area calculation unit for the flood monitoring and prediction system
A. Volchek, D. Kostiuk, D. Petrov, N. Sheshko
The algorithm and software implementation for a unit of the floods observation and prediction system is presented, calculating flooding situation based on water level data streamed from control points placed in the river basin. The calculation includes constructing the curved surface of a water mirror and finding the line of its crossing with digital elevation map of the terrain. Proposed method needs no high processing power but correctly models the spread of water over the complex terrain and can be used in distributed calculating networks
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Issue 2, Pages: 184-196
Development of software for modelling of dynamic systems with stiff mathematical models
J. Kost, I. Khvyshchun
The main concepts are formulated for mathematical modelling of dynamic systems. The stages of the modelling process are distinguished. The definition is given of the errors which may occur in the modelling process. The notions of solution stability of differential equation and of stability of the numerical methods are specified. The software developed for modelling of dynamic systems with stiff mathematical models is described
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Issue 2, Pages: 197-205
Comparative analysis of the use of FOSS in higher educational institutions of Belarus, Russian Federation and Ukraine
E. Alekseev, G. Zlobin, D. Kostjuk
Based on the materials of the International scientific-practical conferences "FOSS Lviv-2011" and "FOSS Lviv-2012", we made a comparative analysis for the use of free software in higher education institutions of Belarus, Russian Federation and Ukraine. Examples of the free software are grouped according to the following areas: software support for the educational process, additional software used by students in their unassisted work, and software for use in training courses
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